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Tickets for 2016 go on sale January 1 at noon.!!

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For more information regarding upcoming events, please visit Feed Your Soul Productions. Thank you.


About Nickel City Chef

Feed Your Soul is proud to present Western New York with a new season of Nickel City Chef, a fun and exciting culinary competition featuring some of the Western New York region’s top chefs and farmers. Tickets for this series typically sell out quickly, so be sure to order yours without hesitation.

Described by many as Buffalo’s own version of Iron Chef, Nickel City Chef is as much about Western New York as it is about cooking and entertainment. We are privileged to live in an area with a rich history enhanced by hearty ethnic foods and one of America’s greatest contributions to casual cuisine—the chicken wing.

While these edible icons are as important to Buffalo as professional sports teams and world-class architecture, in culinary terms, they are not all that we have to offer. Nickel City Chef is designed to expose our area’s talented chefs, providing them with an arena in which to showcase dishes that may be too daring or complicated to warrant a permanent position on a restaurant’s dinner menu.


Nickel City Chef takes place in one of the city’s best kept secrets, a fully restored turn-of-the-century warehouse on Buffalo’s west side. Outfitted with two top-of-the-line kitchens and our roving camera, guests can view the competition live or watch the lush footage we beam directly from the kitchens onto overhead monitors. This unique set-up is the ideal location for guests to enjoy light snacks and drinks while experiencing this popular cooking competition first hand.
Guest judges and local food professionals determine which chef has prepared the most technically perfect, creative, and delicious cuisine. As a member of the audience, you’ll even have a say by voting for your favorite!


Nickel City Chef operates from February through March of each year.

Feed Your Soul Productions

Feed Your Soul is a company dedicated to developing and executing both private and public events focused on the food and agriculture of Western New York.  In 2008, Feed Your Soul was founded by food editor Christa Glennie Seychew, whose firm belief that agritourism and culinary tourism should not only be a major aspect of traveling in WNY, but are a fundamental component to Buffalo’s renaissance. Nickel City Chef is only one of Feed Your Soul’s projects, see the Feed Your Soul website for a current schedule.



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