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Feed Your Soul is both proud and thrilled to present Western New York with Nickel City Chef, a fun and exciting way in which to experience our area’s top chefs and best farmers.

Nickel City Chef is as much about Western New York as it is about cooking and entertainment. We are privileged to live in an area with a rich history enhanced by hearty ethnic foods and the almighty chicken wing. While these culinary icons are as important to Buffalo as professional sports teams and world-class architecture, in culinary terms, they are not all that we have to offer. In kitchens all over the city, chefs with technical experience and skill are preparing well-composed plates from the freshest ingredients. Nickel City Chef is designed to expose these chefs to the average Western New York resident, and seeks to provide an arena in which local chefs can spotlight dishes and techniques that may be too daring or complicated to warrant a position on a dinner menu.

Many of our region’s most dedicated foodies are be able to recite laundry lists of the city’s best haunts for late night snacks or fancy luncheons, but most are unfamiliar with the breathtaking bounty that grows mere miles from our doorsteps. With over 1,300 farms in Erie County and another 6,000 in surrounding counties, our region is a large contributor to New York’s well-established annual yield of fresh meat, produce, and dairy products. Through the use of a secret ingredient in each challenge, Nickel City Chef seeks to enlighten and encourage pride in our region’s dynamic agricultural assets and abilities.

Finally, spending money with a locally owned restaurant keeps 3x more money here, circulating in WNY, than it does when we choose to eat or shop at a chain. And locally owned businesses typically reinvest in the local economy at a 60% higher rate than a chain.

We are confident that WNY can reimagine a tastier and brighter economic future if its everyday citizens will begin to rethink the way they spend their hard-earned money on food and other consumables, and Feed Your Soul hopes that Nickel City Chef and its other projects provide you, our audience, with the inspiration and appetite to do so.

Thank you for supporting the many restaurants and farms connected to Nickel City Chef.

Happy Eating!

Christa Glennie Seychew
Owner, Feed Your Soul


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